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We are your trusted partner in the world of modern technology. Our knowledge of the IT industry is not only extensive, but also up-to-date and precise, allowing us to provide the most comprehensive and efficient IT services on the market. Our offer includes not only IT distribution, but also logistical and financial services, always ensuring the highest quality. Thanks to our commitment, experience and constant pursuit of excellence, our work generates tangible benefits for our partners, regardless of the scale of their business. With us, technology becomes your key to success.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping, is an innovative online sales model that allows the retailer to focus on a key aspect of the business – order management. Business partners, such as manufacturers, wholesalers or other suppliers, are responsible for delivering products to the customer.

As a result, by using the dropshipping model, the seller avoids the costs associated with the storage and transport of goods. Dropshipping therefore becomes the ideal solution for those who want to run an efficient online business without having to manage a complex logistics infrastructure.

What do you gain with Eptimo’s dropshipping service?


Convenience in order management

As a shop owner, your focus is on receiving and processing orders. Automating the processes involved in shipping and delivering orders allows you to manage them easily, regardless of the number of orders, giving you more time to develop other areas of your business.


No logistics planning problems

Dropshipping allows you to avoid the complex processes involved in planning and coordinating deliveries. All responsibility for logistics rests with your supplier, which means you can focus on developing your online shop through intensive marketing activities.


Time saving in the order dispatch process

The shipment of goods to customers is automated, allowing you to focus on other aspects of running your business. With this automation, you no longer need to worry about logistics, monitoring stock levels or organising deliveries, allowing you to significantly reduce your workload and focus on the strategic goals of your business.


No financial outlay for purchasing and stocking the product range

You don’t have to worry about space for storing goods, which is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses. This means eliminating the costs associated with renting or maintaining a warehouse, and provides the flexibility to scale your business without having to invest in additional space.


Quick and efficient introduction of new products into the range

With dropshipping, you can react instantly to changing trends and market demand. Without the need for physical stock, new products can be added to your shop and available to customers almost as soon as they appear in the Eptimo dropshipping warehouse.


No hidden charges

Using the dropshipping model, you only pay for what you actually sell. There are no hidden costs or extra charges, making this business model transparent and financially easy to predict.

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